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Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak


MKO Grand Chief: David Harper - MKO Executive Director: David Monias

Head Office

Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation
Nelson House, MB R0B 1A0

Toll Free: 1-800-442-0488

Administration Office

200 - 701 Thompson Drive
Thompson, MB R8N 2A3

Phone: (204) 677-1600
Fax: (204) 778-7655
Toll Free: 1-800-442-0488

Winnipeg Office

6th Floor, 338 Broadway Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3C 0T2

Phone: (204) 927-7500
Fax: (204) 927-7509
Toll Free: 1-800-442-0488

MKO Member First Nations & Tribal Council Affiliations

* Executive Council member

Independent First Nations

* Chief Jerry PrimroseNISICHAWAYASIHK CREE NATIONNelson House, MB ROB 1A0(204) 484-2332 (204) 484-2392
* Chief Ron EvansNORWAY HOUSE CREE NATIONNorway House, MB R0B 1B0(204) 359-6786(204) 359-4186
* Chief Cathy MerrickPIMICIKAMAK CREE NATIONCross Lake, MB ROB OJO(204) 676-2218(204) 676-3155
* Chief Jack DysartO-PIPON-NA-PIWINBox 25, South Indian Lake, MB R0B 1N0(204) 374-2271(204) 374-2350

Keewatin Tribal Council Members

Chief Leo DettanikkeazeNORTHLANDS FIRST NATIONLac Brochet, MB R0B 2E0(204) 337-2270(204) 337-2055
Chief Louisa ConstantYORK FACTORY FIRST NATIONYork Landing, MB ROB 2BO(204) 341-2180(204) 341-2322
Chief Irvin SinclairBUNIBONIBEE CREE NATIONOxford House, MB ROB 1CO(204) 538-2727(204) 538-2220
Chief Michael SewapBARREN LANDS FIRST NATIONBrochet, MB R0B 0B0(204) 323-2300(204) 323-2275
* Chief Gilbert AndrewsGOD'S LAKE FIRST NATIONGod's Lake Narrows, MB R0B 0M0(204) 335-2130(204) 335-2400
Chief Michael YellowbackMANTO SIPI CREE NATIONGod’s River, MB ROB ONO(204) 366-2011(204) 366-2282
Chief Walter SpenceFOX LAKE CREE NATIONBox 369, Gillam, MB ROB OLO(204) 486-2463(204) 486-2503
Chief William MilesSHAMATTAWA FIRST NATIONShamattawa, MB ROB 1KO(204) 565-2041(204) 565-2720
Chief Michael D. GarsonTATASKWEYAK CREE NATIONSplit Lake, MB ROB 1PO(204) 342-2045(204) 342-2270
Chief Betsy KennedyWAR LAKE FIRST NATIONIlford, MB R0B 0S0(204) 288-4315(204) 288-4371
*Chief Peter Thorassie Jr.SAYISI DENE DENESULINE NATIONTadoule Lake, MB R0B 2C0(204) 684-2084(204) 684-2069

Swampy Cree Tribal Council Members

Chief Harold TurnerMISIPAWISTIK CREE NATIONBox 500, Grand Rapids, MB R0C 1E0(204) 639-2485(204) 639-2503
Chief Nelson GenailleSAPOTAWEYAK CREE NATIONPelican Rapids, MB ROB 1LO(204) 587-2012(204) 587-2072
* Chief Arlen DumasMATHIAS COLOMB CREE NATIONPukatawagan, MB ROB 1GO(204) 553-2090(204) 553-2419
*Chief Andrew ColombMARCEL COLOMB FIRST NATIONLynn Lake, MB R0B 0W0(204) 356-2439(204) 356-2330
Chief Michael ConstantOPASKWAYAK CREE NATIONBox 10880, Opaskwayak, MB R0B 2J0(204) 627-7100(204) 623-3819
Chief Albina BrassWUSKWI SIPIHK CREE NATIONBox 65, Birch River, MB ROB OEO(204) 236-4201(204) 236-4786
Chief Clarence EasterCHEMAWAWIN CREE NATIONEasterville, MB ROC 0V0(204) 329-2161(204) 329-2017
Chief Phillip BuckMOSAKAHIKEN FIRST NATIONMoose Lake, MB ROB OYO(204) 678-2157(204) 678-2337

Island Lake Tribal Council Members

Chief Alex McDougallWASAGAMACK FIRST NATIONWasagamack, MB R0B 1Z0(204) 457-2337(204) 457-2255
Chief Buddy BrassGARDEN HILL FIRST NATIONIsland Lake, MB ROB 0T0(204) 456-2085(204) 456-9315
*Chief Eugene WoodST. THERESA POINT FIRST NATIONSt. Theresa Point, MB R0B 1J0(204) 462-2535(204) 462-2646
Chief Les HarperRED SUCKER LAKE FIRST NATIONRed Sucker Lake, MB R0B 1H0(204) 469-5041(204) 469-5966

Recognized by the MKO Chiefs in Assembly as a First Nation and as a Member of MKO

Headman Gordon Bighetty Sr.PICKEREL NARROWS CREE NATIONBox 672, Leaf Rapids, MB R0B 1W0(204) 473-2492(204) 473-2505
Headman Mathew MorinWHITE WATER RESERVEBox 130, Sandy Bay, SK S0P 0G0(306) 754-2165(306) 754-2257
Headman Floyd NorthSHERRIDON FIRST NATIONSherridon, Manitoba R0B 1L0(204) 468-2136

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